Kitchen Remodel Trends 2023

Read below to see some popular kitchen remodel trends that we are seeing in 2023 and how we have implemented these features into our projects!

Kitchen Remodel Trends 2023
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Michael Mok
Published on
July 27, 2023
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We have been working on a lot of kitchen remodels lately, and since we are being featured in an episode of The American Dream to talk about kitchen trends, we decided to stay on that topic for this newsletter. Read below to see some popular kitchen trends that we are seeing in 2023 so far and how we have implemented these features into our projects!

Bold Marble

This can mean a few things. Bold in color, bold in pattern, bold in placement, or all of the above! The first thing you will see on our website is “Transforming Homes, Inspiring Self-Expression”. This is why we love this trend. All three of these ways to be bold are a reflection of families expressing their unique styles. A bold design can be a memorable statement of who you really are!

Statement Light Fixtures

Statement light fixtures are another way to make your kitchen stand out! Not only does the lighting itself stand out, but the right lighting fixtures can also bring out other features in your kitchen that may not have been as noticeable without a contrasting color or unique shape to draw your eye to that part of the room.

Statement Backsplash

Bold seems to be a heavy pattern here. This can overlap with the bold marble, as we are seeing large slabs of bold marble designs as the backsplash in a lot of kitchens. The other styles we have seen that represent this trend, are patterned tile as the backsplash. This can mean tiles with patterns on them or tiles cut in a busy design. Matched with other less busy design features, statement backsplash designs can draw the eye to your new appliances along the counter or to that new fancy hood. 

Wood Accents

Adding a natural touch. We love a crisp modern kitchen, but sometimes you want something to make it feel a bit more welcoming. This is exactly what a touch of wood detail will accomplish. This can come in many different forms from bar stools, shelving, an accent on the island, or even a faux wood hood above the oven.

There are many trends we didn’t mention here, but these are some of the trends we see the most. We love seeing families express exactly what they want and need in a kitchen whether that goes along with the trends or completely against it, because it expresses them!

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