California Ranch Remodel
Design Type
Remodel, Addition
Mountain View, CA
Whole House Remodel

California Ranch Remodel

Family-focused East Side Hills Ranch remodel expands kitchen and adds guest suite, playroom for kids, and indoor-outdoor living space.

The Story of the French Brasserie Inspired Indoor-Outdoor Space

Designing this home addition was an exciting process for our team. The client was very involved in the design process and had a clear vision of what she wanted. She wanted the addition to blend seamlessly with the existing ranch-style home and to create a cohesive living space for her family. The client's love for French Brasserie design was evident in her choices for finishes, fixtures, and decor. We worked closely with the client to ensure that her vision was translated into reality.

The construction process for this project was challenging, but our team was up for the task. We encountered a few unexpected issues during the construction process, such as exposed beams that did not align evenly. But our team was able to identify and resolve these issues quickly. We also worked closely with the client to ensure that the products and materials she had chosen for the home were installed correctly and met local government regulations.

To ensure that the project was progressing smoothly, we held weekly meetings with the client to review the progress and to address any concerns. These meetings were a great opportunity for the client to see the progress firsthand and to give feedback on the work that had been completed. The client was able to review the items and products she had chosen for the home and make sure that everything was installed correctly.

The final design

The final result of this project is a beautiful and functional home addition that seamlessly blends with the existing ranch-style home. The addition includes a spacious kitchen, a large family room, and a guest en-suite for visiting family members. The new living space is perfect for the client's young children, with a large play room for them to enjoy. The client's love for French Brasserie design is evident in the finishes, fixtures, and decor she chose for the home.

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