Poolside Spa Bath
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Modern Natural
Campbell, California
Dream Home Build

Poolside Spa Bath

Transforming a dated bathroom into a family-friendly oasis: The Poolside Spa Bath remodel

Creating a Family-Friendly Oasis: The Poolside Spa Bath

The Poolside Spa Bath project in San Jose was a true transformation for the homeowners and the team at Bridges MR Design Build (dba Renew Connections Remodel). The bathroom was in dire need of a remodel, with outdated features such as carpet as the flooring and 1970s-style planters in the shower. Not only was the bathroom aesthetically unappealing, but it also wasn't functional, as the shower wouldn't even turn on.

The goal of the remodel was to modernize the space and make it accessible to the master bedroom. The team expanded the master closet and made sure that the doors were closing properly. They also wanted to add pool access for the kids as this bathroom was also used as the pool bathroom. To achieve this, they added two shower heads to make it efficient for kids to shower off after playing in the pool. They also wanted a makeup counter and plenty of counter space.

The homeowners wanted to get this remodel done before their second child was on the way and they only had two functional bathrooms and didn't have their own bathroom as parents. They didn't want to worry about fixing the issues in the bathroom with kids around.

The final design

The final result was an extremely natural look, with an emphasis on efficiency and functionality for a growing family. With the help of C&C Designs, the team was able to create a space that not only looks and feels nice but also functions well for the family's needs and lifestyle.

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