​​2 Important Considerations: Planning the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

A successful kitchen remodel extends beyond a visually appealing design. These considerations are crucial when planning to achieve your dream kitchen.

​​2 Important Considerations: Planning the Perfect Kitchen Remodel
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Michael Mok
Published on
September 5, 2023
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When it comes to a kitchen remodel, flipping through design magazines and scrolling through social media for design ideas is usually the most exciting part of planning. While design is undoubtedly crucial for a remodel to result in your dream kitchen, it's important not to overlook the functional aspects that can actually outweigh the design factors in the end. In this article, we'll delve into two of the most vital considerations for a successful kitchen remodel that go beyond aesthetics.

1. Your Lifestyle - Make your home fit your lifestyle...not the other way around

Your kitchen’s true value shines when it aligns with your and your family’s daily activities. Before diving into the design phase, take time to analyze your kitchen space’s uses outside of cooking. Consider the following:


Think about how traffic moves in or through your kitchen. While you’re cooking, are there any patterns you need to consider? Outside of cooking, do you need a passage through the kitchen to get to another part of the house? If you love to entertain, take that into consideration with space, surface area, and seating. 

Dining Areas:

Where does your family or guests gather the most? Some of our clients plan their kitchen with a large island as it serves not only as an eating spot but a homework area for the kids so the parents can help while cooking dinner. 

Storage Accessibility:

An efficient kitchen also depends on well-planned storage options. Typically the amount of storage is a top aspect to consider, but where your storage will be located is arguably just as important. For example, if you bake a lot but the only storage for your big heavy mixer is across the kitchen, that won’t be very sustainable for your lifestyle. Or if you are an avid cooker, you don’t want your spice cabinet out of reach. 

2. What are the top problems you currently have in your kitchen?

This question piggybacks on the first consideration. What about your current kitchen drives you crazy or just doesn’t quite fit in with your lifestyle? Here are a few things to consider when asking yourself the above question. 


As mentioned before, ask yourself if you feel like you have enough room and efficiently placed room for all of your kitchen needs. You should not need to store things on your countertops, just because of a lack of space. (If you prefer something stored on the countertop of course that is great!)


They just simply don’t last forever!  A remodel is the perfect time to replace those aging appliances. When deciding what to replace them with, consider what you currently use each one for the most, and what you are not able to do that you wish you could! 


This one is important! This can sometimes seem like the least fun consideration, but it is important to keep you and your family comfortable and safe. Are there currently any issues that you have put off, overlooked, or had to constantly fix? These are issues to tell your contractor about immediately so they can address the underlying issues. If you can’t think of anything, make sure your contractor checks for any potential issues while helping you through the process so you don’t have to go backward! 


Trends are great, but will the materials you have or want in your kitchen be sustainable for you and your family? Certain materials take up a lot more time to maintain and keep them looking new. If you’re cooking with curry, tomato sauces, or even just a wine lover, make sure you are getting materials that won’t withhold those colors and be visible over time. 

In conclusion, a successful kitchen remodel extends beyond a visually appealing design. Prioritizing these things is essential for creating a space that not only looks good but functions well in your current life and future life! When you can find that balance between aesthetics and functionality, you can ensure that your kitchen becomes one of your favorite and most useful rooms in the house.

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