Pack Up and Move or Remodel?

Do you have to move in order to get a new house? If the problem has to do with size, function, or style of your home you’d be surprised what a few changes can make!

Pack Up and Move or Remodel?
Written by
Michael Mok
Published on
June 16, 2023
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We can all agree that the only constant in life is change– especially in a family situation... It’s rare that one house will be able to fit a family’s needs all the way through growth, aging, lifestyle shifts, and style changes. Eventually, the conversation of “we need a new house” comes up along with the neverending factors and logistics of moving.

The real question is, do you have to move in order to get a new house?

Moving, selling your house, packing, and finding the kids new schools is a lot to think about. Then you add the Bay Area (and a lot of other areas) real estate market to the mix. When mortgages are at an all-time high, it can make moving feel unrealistic, especially if you are upsizing.

We have seen this frustration, and want to open another option to help take the stress off. What if you could stay in the same location and get a new home that fits your needs as your family’s needs shift? A remodel of many sorts can solve many of the problems that moving would and saves a lot of the hassle of moving.

Because the decision between remodeling their current home or venturing into the process of moving puts a lot of people at a crossroads, we have written this article to walk you through a few of the advantages of remodeling instead of packing up and moving.

1. Financial Considerations. 

To be frank, the cost of selling your home to buy a larger or newer home can put a hefty weight on your financials for many years to come leaving you with the stress of choosing to stay in a home that doesn’t fit you or a tighter budget along with a broader tax base. Not to mention the tax When working with a client to plan their home remodel, we take into consideration your goals and budget together. With this information, we can break down how we can solve the issues within your budget.  

2. Staying in your current location. 

A lot goes into changing towns or even neighborhoods– jobs, schools, distance to your favorite spots… Of course, if you are further than you’d like to all of these things, that is something a remodel can’t fix. If you are in an amazing location, but your house just doesn’t fit your needs anymore, a remodel can save you the chaos of having to plan around a new location!

3. Customization and Personalization.

One of the significant benefits of remodeling is the opportunity to customize your home to meet your exact needs and style. It can be hard to find a new home that checks every single one of your boxes. When remodeling, you have the freedom to create a space that expresses who you and your family really are and design a home around your lifestyle and future changes. Whether it's remodeling a couple of rooms, changing the layout of your home, or starting over from the bones, a remodel empowers you to personalize your living space to YOUR style, life, and family. 

4. You get to keep the memories you have made in your home

A home is more than just a place we lay our heads. It is a place where we create memories, we laugh, we grow. A lot of firsts, lasts, and best times are had at home. When you move, you lose the growth marks in the doorway and leave other special pieces behind. We love being able to preserve the things in your home that mean the most to you without starting over. 

Though the real estate market is a bit crazy right now, a remodel can be a wonderful and relieving opportunity for you and your family–despite the market. With the option to personalize your home and stay in the location you love, we challenge you to stop and ask:

“Do we really need to move to solve the problems we have living in this home?”

As mentioned above, there are problems remodeling your home can’t solve, such as fixing a location problem. And luckily we have so many amazing realtors in the area! However, if the problem has to do with the size, function, or style of your home you’d be surprised what a few changes can make!

Contact us to tell us your frustrations, and we will let you know how we can fix them. You only need 3 things to get the process going! 

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