3 Things You Need to Know That You’re Ready for a Remodel

We have put together a list of all of the things you need to be able to take the first action on a remodel in your home.

3 Things You Need to Know That You’re Ready for a Remodel
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Michael Mok
Published on
May 27, 2023
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A remodel can seem like a daunting thing to start with so many moving pieces. We have put together a list below of all of the things you need to be able to start planning a remodel in your home. Let's see if you're ready!

1. What problems do you want to solve? 

What drives you crazy about your home? Maybe your home is outdated, or your family is outgrowing your home. This is the number one aspect we want to focus on. When your home functions in a  way that works for you, you are able to enjoy the aesthetics to a much higher degree.

2. Share your Vision & Your Budget:

Your vision should incorporate two things: a high-level design and a goal for why you want to remodel. You know when you see a magazine picture and say, “I wish that was mine”? Bring these two things to us so we can see what you love and imagine your home looking like.

Vision and financial plans go hand-in-hand. Having an approximate number in mind helps us get an idea of what we can do to make your dream home happen within that approximate financial goal. 

3. Get Started on Creating Your Dream Home

Call Renew Connections Remodel. Once you have an idea of the pieces above, give us a call. We will get a strong grasp on what you are dreaming of, and start a draft of the possibilities and what they could realistically turn out to be.

What Happens Next? We will cover the rest including: 

  1. Give you a high-level financial plan because no architectural or engineering drawings have been completed.  
  2. Match you up with an architect and/or interior designer whose style fits exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Collaborate with you and the architect/interior design/engineer to evaluate what design options you have based on your financial plan.
  4. Use our 30 years of expertise to help you, the owner, make smart and educated decisions on your building design.
  5. Navigate the process of any permits necessary for your project when needed.
  6. Create and compile all the construction files into one document that has all the architectural, interior design, engineering, and product specs. This will help centralize all items for you to access easily
  7. Find, hire, and manage all subcontractor teams that will be needed to complete your project. 
  8. Provide daily supervision for your home.
  9. Manage all city and engineering inspections.
  10. After final inspection, you move in!
  11. Ensure warranty period and custom maintenance services to protect your “new” home.

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